LIMARKO GROUP consist of Limarko UAB, Limarko Shipping Company AB, Limarko Maritime Agency UAB, LimBela logistics and Baltkonta UAB.


Limarko Group’s origins began in 1993 with the foundation of Limarko UAB – one or the first maritime business companies in Lithuania after gaining Independence back in 1990.

The milestones of Limarko Group:

1993 – Limarko UAB founded;
1995 – Limarko UAB becomes the founding member of Lithuanian Shipbrokers' and Agents' Association;
1999 – Limarko UAB's activities are certified according to ISO 9001 standard;
– Limarko UAB becomes the founding member of Lithianian Shipowners' Association;
2003 – Limarko UAB acquires Klaipeda Transport Fleet AB, which was renamed to Limarko Shipping Company AB in 2004;
2005 – Limarko Maritime Agency UAB is established;
2007 – LimBela Logistics is established in Minsk, Belarus;
2008 – Baltkonta UAB is established;
2013 – Limarko UAB joins Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics “LINEKA".



Teamwork, responsibility and professional management are the key factors to building a dynamic and successful organisation.


To deliver high quality and versatile logistics solutions to our clients. In achieving this, we closely monitor the latest trends in the market and apply them in order to improve further quality of our services.


Limarko UAB

Limarko UAB was founded in 1993 as one of the first maritime business companies in Lithuania after gaining independence back...

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Limarko Shipping Company AB (LSCo)

Limarko Shipping Company AB (LSCo) commenced business activities on 1 January 1987. At the time, the company traded under its...

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Limarko Maritime Agency UAB

Limarko Maritime Agency UAB provides freight forwarding, warehousing, custom broker services, ship agency, container transportation and other logistics services.  ...

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LimBela logistics

Increasing cargo volumes between Klaipeda and Belarus and demand for high-quality cargo transportation solutions in Central and Eastern Europe encouraged...

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Baltkonta UAB

Baltkonta UAB provides container and other cargo transportation, including oversized and heavyweight cargoes, as well as door-to-door transportation services. Company...

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