Limarko Group customers party 2014

On 5 September 2014, traditional Limarko Group Customers Party was held at Plytines cart track in Vilnius. The Customers were invited to the annual event to compete for Limarko Group Cup 2014.

This year the Party was attended by a large number of guests, determined to be the fastest on the cart track. Graceful dance of „Tina Dance“ girls induced the competitors for the passionate race.

Though the competitors were racing shoulder to shoulder, in the Grand Final Eduardas Klepikas from PPF Foil was on the top among the men. In the Small Final the best result was achieved by Paulius Grigaitis. Among the women, Karolina Sparnauskaitė from UAB Baltkonta showed her best racing time and climbed the highest step of the stage.

After the winner awards bright fireworks lit up the dark sky of the festive night.