Limarko Group fleet was increased by two new acquisitions

The Limarko Group company Limarko Shipping Co. AB has purchased two vessels of the same type. The company’s fleet now consists of eight ships: 3 container vessels and 5 refrigerated vessels.

The Limarko Shipping Co. AB’s newly acquired ships, the refrigerated vessels, are sailing around the world, their routes mostly run across the whole of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Faroe Islands to the West African coast and from the Falkland Islands to Northern Spain. Refrigerated vessels transport temperature-controlled cargo, such as frozen meat or fish, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Container vessels operate on the basis of long-term contracts for shipping lines in the Mediterranean region.

‘The development and renewal of the company’s fleet is our constant concern. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the drop in ship prices, an extremely favourable situation arose in the current shipping market for expanding the Limarko Group’s fleet. We had a great opportunity to take advantage of it. Due to their size and technical characteristics, the newly acquired vessels are ideal for transportation of frozen fish and seafood on the global market. With the purchase, we increased our competitive advantage in the complex shipping market and at the same time established the consistently implemented development strategy of the fleet of Limarko Shipping Co. AB,’ Vytautas Lygnugaris, the President of the Limarko Group, explains the decision to increase the company’s fleet.

The company has a tradition of naming their refrigerated vessels after astronomical terms, which is why the newly purchased ships were accordingly given the names of Aurora and Auriga. Meanwhile, container vessels are named after musical terms.