Limarko Group provided unique equipment to the port city medics fighting the pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic re-gaining momentum, medical institutions are concerned about the transportation of infected patients.For this procedure to raise as little threat to both patients and medical professionals as possible, they need capsules for safe transportation of patients.Unfortunately, their acquisition is a significant financial burden for the country’s medical institutions.

The Limarko Group community brought together their efforts and provided a transportation capsule to Klaipėda University Hospital to facilitate the doctors fighting the pandemic.Another capsule was bought for the medical institution by the Medical Institutions Support Fund.The value of one capsule is 8500 euro.

“We are a socially responsible company and have been providing support to medical institutions for 27 years. In today’s situation, our efforts are most needed in the fight with the pandemic. We must not leave doctors alone in this fight, therefore, we contribute as much as we can. This time, Klaipeda University Hospital said they need transportation capsules. Meanwhile, it is our obligation to take care that the equipment made in Israel reaches the medical institution as quickly as possible”, commented Vytautas Lygnugaris President of Limarko Group, on the support for the hospital.

Lygnugaris visited Klaipėda University Hospital together with Saulius Laumenis, business development director of Limarko Group, and took interested in how the new acquisition operates and facilitates the work of doctors. 

Comment of Vincas Janušonis, chief physician of Klaipėda University Hospital, about the operation and possibilities of use of capsules – on the below news portals: