Limarko Group summer feast, 2016

On 15 July 2016, Limarko Group Summer Feast was held. All the employees and their family members were invited. The Feast took place at „Mėmelio dvaras“, the banquet house, located in Liaunai village, Klaipėda district.

The attendees of the Feast could enjoy the ping-pong tournaments for children and adults, archery, arm wrestling, team rope pull championships, untraditional volleyball game, performed on inflatable volleyball trampoline.

Children were engaged in jolly activities with the animators, who folded baloons, created funny make-ups on children‘s faces. The youngest participants could jump and play on the jumping trampoline, take part in Soap Bubble Feast, and other games and amusements.

After all the joyful and serious contests, Directors of Limarko Group Companies  awarded the teams of the Summer Feast attendants  with prizes-surprizes, kind words and best wishes.