Limarko Maritime Agency UAB was granted the AEO status

Limarko Maritime Agency UAB was granted the AEO status, which comes into force as from 15 September 2014.
AEO (Authorised Economic Operator, hereinafter – AEO) is a legal person, operating under the regulations of Customs legislation, and as a reliable Customs partner, is entitled to a more favorable Customs controls, and/ or to the simplifications of Customs rules provided for all the European Union countries.

Type of the AEO Certificate Limarko Maritime Agency was granted – AEO Customs Simplifications/ Safety and Security – AEOF).

Customs authorities apply the following simplifications for the holders of all kinds of AEO certificates:
– a less rigorous physical inspection and verification of documents;
– if the load has to be checked, it is done out of the queue (be eilės), and in the location, chosen by the holder of the certificate.

Furthermore, the holders of AEOC and AEOF certificates are easier entitled to other various simplifications, provided in the Customs rules.