Limarko Sailing Cup Regatta 2016

From 19 to 21 August 2016, Klaipėda sailing sports school Žiemys held a traditional Limarko Sailing Cup Regatta in Dreverna. This year 32 young yachtsmen from Klaipeda city and its district, Nida, Šiauliai, Plateliai, Plungė competed in Optimist yacht classes.
Since the race had coincided with Laser yacht world championships only 4 participants participated in the Laser Standard yacht class from Klaipėda and its district. Throughout the day the wind was weak but 6 races were managed.

Laser Standard yacht class was won by Neilas Straukas (Klaipėda district), the second place was won by Kristupas Mažonas (Klaipėda), and third place by Hubertas Kalinauskas (Klaipėda). All three winners are trained at Klaipeda sailing sports school Žiemys.

Optimist’ class yachts are divided into 2 groups: U11 – up to 11 years old, and U15 – over 11 years and older. Optimist U11 yacht class 1th place was taken by Vykintas Mizgiris (Neringa), the second place  – Jonas Macevičius (Klaipėda), and the third place went to Rūta Mažunavičiūtė (Šiauliai), as well as the prize of the best sailing girl. Optimist U-15 yacht class winner was R. Mažunavičius (Šiauliai), the second place – Nojus Bestauskas (Klaipėdos district) and the third place – Kajus Kartanavičius (Neringa). Dagnė Norvaišaitė (Plungė) was awarded as the best sailing girl in this class.

The Limarko group always gives additional prizes for the youngest competitor, as an incentive to  grow and develop. This time D. Mažeika (Neringa) was awarded.

The closing ceremony was summed up with wishes to pursue the goals from, and „Fair Winds and Following Seas!“ was traditionally wished by the Limarko group representative Mr. Saulius Laumenis.