Support to contest “The Sea Routes 2022”

Highly anticipated contest „The Sea Routes 2022“, traditionally organized by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy, took place.

In 2022, eleven teams from Klaipėda region took part in the competition: students from Klaipėda Aitvaras, Aukuras, Ąžuolynas, Varpas, Žaliakalnis, Baltic, Eduardas Balsys Arts, Herman Zuderman, Vydūnas Gymnasiums, Plungė Saulė Gymnasium and Kretinga Franciscan Gymnasium participated.

During the twelfth competition, the students persistently tried to unravel the mysteries of the sea by operating a ship, tying up naval knots, guessing the meaning of signal flags, providing first aid, competing in a naval battle, and trying to get out of the smoke maze.

This year, Limarko Shipping Co. AB has not only supported the competition, but also established special prizes for determination and teamwork. The team of Klaipėda Herman Zuderman gymnasium “Sea Devils” was awarded for the best performance.

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