The company transports a wide range of oversized, heavy and standard cargo (equipment, wheeled machinery, concrete structures, etc.) to/from Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Germany, Poland and other EU countries.

The company carries out multimodal transports for particularly complex loads such as wind turbines, transformers, generators, modular houses and more.

Baltkonta UAB has insured its freight forwarding and transport (CMR) activities for 1 million EUR.

Baltkonta UAB is a member of

Company’s history

Baltkonta UAB was registered in the Register of Legal Entities

The company’s original business was freight forwarding of containers and other cargo. Baltkonta UAB further expanded into forwarding oversized and heavy cargo.


The company purchased its first vehicles and obtained a licence for international road haulage.


Joined GPLN, the global association of freight forwarders for oversized freight.


Joined the WCA Global Freight Forwarders Association.


The company received a licence for natural gas supply and became the first company in the Port of Klaipėda to start bunkering an LNG-powered vessel. This work is being carried out together with Norwegian partners. The company also provides liquefied refrigerated gas trade, transport and degassing services.



Baltkonta UAB owned 13 trucks, 18 semi-trailers and 4 specially prepared vehicles for the transport of oversized cargo.


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