Limarko Group containership has been assigned a new name

Limarko Group community ends the year with a festive spirit and a name-giving ceremony. One of the ships of Limarko Shipping Company AB has been assigned a new name. It is now displayed on ship’s side of one of the three containerships of the company.

“Until now this ship had been operating under the name Hanse Fortune. However, as to keep the Limarko Group tradition to name containerships by names of musical terminology, the ship’s name has been changed. Thus, the containership enters the waters of 2021 under the name Sonata”, Limarko Group President Vytautas Lygnugaris explained.

The new name was chosen by way of a competition that engaged the entire Limarko Group community. The name Sonata was selected out of multiple options. This suggestion was made by transport manager Ramunė Petrošė. The winner of the competition was awarded with champagne.

Currently the fleet of Limarko Group consists of eight ships: three containerships and five refrigerated vessels.