Support and Aid to the Medics of Klaipėda from the Limarko Group

The community of the employees of the Limarko Group has come together to aid and support the medics and medical staff fighting the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontline. Shipments of masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles required for safe medical work were handed over to medical institutions of Klaipėda.

‘Doctors are doing their absolute best to protect us from the threats of the pandemic. In this fight, they are forced to work under extremely difficult conditions. There is no time for discussing, blaming anyone, or waiting until medics and medical staff are provided with proper working conditions, one just has to step in and help,’ Vytautas Lygnugaris, the President of the Limarko Group, says of the aid to the port city’s medical institutions.

The first shipment of supplies required for safe work of the medics was delivered to Klaipėda University Hospital back in March. In April, the aid also reached the medics at Klaipėda Seamen’s Hospital and Klaipėda Republican Hospital.