The 250th Anniversary call of the TT-Line ferry in the port of Klaipėda

The TT-Line ferry from Trelleborg to Klaipėda and back has been in operation since the summer of 2018. Ferries from the largest ferry port in Sweden have called the Klaipeda seaport hundreds of times since then. The 250th anniversary visit of the TT-Line ferry in the port of Klaipėda was recorded on the 24th of October 2020. Tom Sawyer ferry has paid a visit to the Klaipeda port this time.

 Limarko group company Limarko Maritime Agency is providing ship agency services for Tom Sawyer and other ferries sailing in route of Trelleborg–Klaipėda.

 All TT-Line ferries arriving from Sweden to be berthed in Klaipėda Container Terminal. Wheeled cargo and passenger transportation services are provided as much as 5 times a week.